6 Fashion Statement Eco-Friendly Bags

These 6 fashion eco-friendly bags came to mind immediately when we were thinking of you. As a style maker, your fashion sense has substance. You are conscious of the clothes you wear and the accessories you use. The style has to be impeccable and the design has to be unique. Because you value craftsmanship, you are mindful of the design, materials, and the people who make your clothes and accessories. You have admiration for handmade products and you are inspired by creativity, and if they are also eco-friendly, all the better.

You don’t only wear clothes and accessories because they are beautiful, you wear them because they carry a positive message. Well, we totally get that, that’s why we’ve carefully curated these fashion eco-friendly bags for you!

Each of these fashion eco-friendly bags have come about a different way, but as you can see, they are all unique, conscious, artisan made fashion statements. All descriptions and images are from the brands themselves.

MEET ​RAMZI. Designed with versatility and minimalism in mind, RAMZI can be expanded, flipped inside out, or used as is. Reversing the bag reveals the story of one of our makers, Ramzi. When you carry Ramzi’s story, you carry our mission to connect newcomers to local societies and rebuild confidence through creativity.

A fun and unique bag showcased at “Dear Sir/Madam: HOPE” SS19 collection of Bas Kosters, the iconic Robot Bag embodies style and substance. Taking it out in the town you have the power to create a positive change. Show the world what hope means to you, and carry the message that we see each other for who we are, no matter where you come from.

“I hope that with the Robot Bag, we can communicate serious things. It’s a perfect example of a Bas Kosters storytelling project where you amuse and trigger people with optimism to tell the story behind certain issues. I’m really happy with the people that I got the chance to work with.” concludes Bas Kosters.

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Your Sailmate is made of upcycled sails.
The strong material resisted the elements and has seen a lot in its previous life.
With this companion you carry on the story of travelling around the world.
Each bag is unique, just as the sails are.
In a local and fair production your Sailmate was handmade.
Production is limited to the available resources of used sails.

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In her own words: NYC designer Allison Stefanoni’s one-of-a-kind, limited edition collection draws inspiration from all things nostalgic to her. The collection is blissful, lush, humorous and shines light on “all the little things”. Allison makes each piece entirely by hand out of vintage materials from her studio in the West Village, NYC.

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A Portland, Oregon based business that upcycles or re-purposes abandoned, pre-consumer and post-consumer materials into limited edition products.
Inspired by motorcycle culture, the Moto Sling bag is a great companion designed to withstand a lifetime of travel. A roll-top closure keeps your stuff dry and
secure. Small items like a rain jacket can also be secured to the front of the bag with the attached leather strap. A secret magnetized vinyl window can also open to reveal your bike’s registration tags. Need more storage? The Moto Hip Pack can be attached to the outside of the bag.

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Fashion is constantly changing and fanny packs are being worn more and more. Because of our passion for fashion we started ‘Dom Amsterdam’.
Why Dom Amsterdam? We are just stupid boys with a big dream. This started out as a nice hobby, but soon we noticed that there was a lot of demand for exclusive fanny packs that distinguished themselves from the often one colored elongated models. The fanny packs we release are all made from second-hand materials. We get these from our family, friends and connections. For example, we produce exclusive fanny packs for all usable materials, and the materials that we can not use are returned to the charity.

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We are constantly adding new fashion eco-friendly bags to our curated list! Have a suggestion for us? Email it to share@makersunite.eu