Illustration classes with Sarah Knüpfer

“Make yourself big and believe in yourself and your work. If you do that, others will do too.”

Sarah Knüpfer

Makers Unite connects creative newcomers to new opportunities through the power of making together. This action leads to dialogue and trust: stories are being shared and while participants get to know each other, they discover their talents and ambitions. Fares Mousa Alkhalaf and Dane Campbell, two participants of the Makers Unite social inclusion program, shared with us their common ambition of getting better at their fashion drawing skills.

Dane and Fares are experienced tailors that have been very helpful since they joined our program. It’s clear that Dane loves designing and making clothes. His tailoring skills are extensive, and he’s a most meticulous worker. Dane is a people’s person, he is charming, funny and creative. People take an instant liking to him. When taking on a new task, he likes to be informed; to know what is expected of him. He wants to be sure he’s up to the task.

Fares is always the first one to arrive at the program sessions. He likes to be well prepared for everything he does and makes sure he also assists others when needed. He has been a great help within the production sessions at Makers Unite, sharing his tailor expertise with the team and helping them prepare all the material and patterns.

We had the opportunity to connect Fares and Dane with Sarah Knupfer, a creative and ambitious designer for women and menswear from the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts from Arnhem. Sarah is a talented young woman who participated with Makers Unite as a volunteer to teach Fares and Dane to get better skills at drawing fashion and help them to fulfill their artistic wish. She is exploring her artistic view with musicians and bands regarding styling and set design, and she is working on her own art-print-series. Sarah is an open minded, motivated and warm-hearted person. She likes to keep a smile on everybody’s face but she thinks it is important to guide everybody in a concentrated and motivated way on his or her personal goals. To achieve that, she demands effort, hard work, and a big will.

This experience, both Fares and Dane agreed, was a great opportunity to be better at doing something that they both love.

In his own words, Fares told us about his ambitions and experience with haute couture and pret-a-porter. Wedding clothes, night clothes, and formal dresses are his special interest. “I can work with the hand needle and also with the sewing machine. I make accessories and moulages in a very accurately and cleanly way. My ambition is to expand my knowledge in fashion design and to join an academic program so I can build my skills in a professional way. Eventually, I want to become a fashion designer”. Fares thought that the first step to becoming a fashion designer was to work on his design skills and as Dane, they chose to begin with their fashion drawing techniques, so they can practice drawing the human body and clothing.

What I like the most is how to transform the human body into an elongated figure and creating my own style of drawings. With more classes, my fashion drawing skills will be better. This was a perfect start with Sarah, a very good teacher”. Dane is right, Sarah proved to have the abilities to guide people into the fashion world and right from the beginning she exponentially bettered Fares and Dane drawing talents. The artistic formula for Sarah´s success is based on her love to combine haptic with digital combinations but her focus and base to create the bigger picture, as she mentioned “will always be handmade and every beginning will have its starting point with my plain white paper with a pencil”.

Sarah tutored Dane and Fares in improving their drawing fashion skills and she was delighted to see their progress with each strike of their pencil. She mentioned that what she liked the most of this experience was seeing Fares and Dane developing and making steps ahead, creating their own vision and ideas. Seeing them enthusiastic and evolving within the creative process, and of course, the smiling and happy faces after every class, was a reward for Sarah, but also for us at Makers Unite where we strive for connecting makers and unite people.

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