MU Program Week 3: Discover!

Week three of the Makers Unite program is all about DISCOVERING

Last Week We got to know more about Soft Skills and why is it so important to think about it when we write our CV’s and present our portfolio. This week we discovered new tools to expand the way we communicate with the world and learned how to pitch ourselves in front of a camera.


The Battle within

What does it need to happen in order to further develop our talents?

This is the question that puzzled our minds during the beginning of week three. By the end of it, we had an answer to it. We just need to take the first step.

Taking the first step might sound like an invitation for a reconciliation to happen between two parties. Someone needs to take the first step towards the other. Otherwise, nothing will happen. We discovered that the conflict that we are dealing is within us. Between our current self, and the person we want to be. 

Step By Step

We started our third week by reflecting on video material from in which people uploaded their own Curriculum Vitae (CV). This online tool is one of the preferred ways to market yourself in order to find a job in the creative business.  A discussion process happened in the meantime, talking about the pros and cons of each material that we saw. We used them as examples for the dos and don’t’s, giving some direction towards our own online CV project. In pairs, we discussed what we would like to show about ourselves to the public and start preparing the script for our own CV video. After a while, we had the chance to practice pitching the ideas to our partner. 

After preparing the video session we continued to our production ritual, this time, preparing material for the Refugee Flag. As usual, our production was delivered with a tasteful musical selection that kept our rhythm going to the compass, making us look like a professional production line.

Later in the week, on Wednesday, a more intimate session gave us the opportunity to discover our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and barriers in an exercise called -as an acronym-  SWOB analysis. This tool provides us with the ability to transform our perspective about what we find good and not so well in our life. It is designed to give us trust and credibility about ourselves.

We delved into self-reflection and after a short sharing session of our own SWOB analysis, we realize that in order to thrive, we just need to develop an action plan. This action plan would be for our future development, taking into account those strengths and opportunities and working harder in our weaknesses and barriers. 

We realized that taking the first step is the most difficult one, especially when is about letting go of the fears that keep us from being the person we want. Taking action – and how to do it – was what we had to figure out while trying to reconcile ourselves with our past in order to impact our future.


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