MU program week 4: Realize

This week, we focused on communication skills to eventually get where we want to be. We had a special visit from The Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) and shared with them our ambitions.

The Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) is the professional association for designers and design agencies in the Netherlands. We had the honor of having them as a special guest in our Monday session, where we get to share our ambitions and learn from their experience.

Marsha Simon – Project Manager from BNOAnnemiek Tigchelaar from The IdealistBas Pronk from baspronk ontwerptEdwin Rooseman from Nandooh designÖzge Tıglı from Bumbuku – Digital storytelling for Social Impact.

BNO represents the collective interests of the design community and contributes to improving the design infrastructure in the Netherlands and Europe.

Last week we realized that giving the first step to getting out of the fears that keep us from taking action is not so easy as it seems. We focused this week on working on our strengths and got the chance to work on our communication skills by practicing with our guests from BNO. Gaining experience on how to speak in public, we had the opportunity to share a part of our life and experiences.

We are thankful with our guest who gave us the opportunity to showcase our talents.  We enjoyed their company, interacted with them and show them the process of what we do during the production session which this time was preparing material for the Kings’ day celebration! We manage to work in a very coordinated way, like a professional production line and in the meantime, shared more personal stories with our guests.

Before the moment of checking-out of the session of Monday, we had the opportunity of spending some valuable time practicing with each other for what was coming on Wednesday: our video CV recording. Some voice and posture techniques were shared by our friend Mazen and we get to practice in front of the camera, so we wouldn’t feel so shy at the real moment of doing it. It was a really useful and fun session, where we got more enthusiastic about sharing our personal stories with the world.

On Wednesday after checking-in, we started immediately with our recording day! One by one we start to sit in front of the camera and talk about our projects and believes, while the rest were following the rhythm of the music, revising the little details of our CV and Portfolio, and starting the production of laptop sleeves.

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