Our Story

people by making
products with
a story that matters

Making together leads to dialogue and trust. By the power of making, Makers Unite connects newcomers and local makers to real opportunities.

Makers Unite has designed an effective social inclusion programme based on creating sustainable products together. The act of making simple things in a group stimulates the collaborative engagement of participants. It enables dialogues that step by step build trust.

In the program of Makers Unite we use these conversations to learn more about participants talents, develop their professional presentation for employers and introduce them to new opportunities as educational training, internships and employment.

Talents discovered in our program are matched to our expanded network of companies, educational institutions and organisations enabling participants to take further steps in their lives and careers.

Newcomers have the opportunity to tell their own story at external making workshops with schools, companies and organisations. Makers Unite engages the public by selling products that encourage conversations and are worth having.

Production Process: you reap what you sew

Newcomers work on equal
terms with local makers

Makers Unite is initiated by The Beach, a design platform for social innovation. The Beach has developed extensive knowledge on co-design and co-creation, an expertise Makers Unite can take full advantage of. Our human-centered focus is new. Traditionally, refugee projects are set up top-down: refugees are not asked for input nor evaluation of the project. Our new approach won the What Design Can Do – Refugee Challenge Award, handed out by the UN Refugee Agency and Ikea Foundation, as well as a place in their accelerator-programme.

Makers Unite Collection

The life vests worn by migrants on their way to Europe have become a symbol for their journey to a new life. Together with newcomers, refugees and locals we create sustainable products that bring a powerful positive message of  connecting across cultures. The sales of our products provide working opportunities to our participants and fund our social inclusion program.

Each of our products carries a unique story, which of your stories will it carry next?