Eco Tote Bag – Mixed Colors


Eco tote bag is made of life vests, used by refugees crossing the sea on their way to Europe. The mixed colors fabric is chosen with care, making each eco tote bag one of a kind. It’s brave colors and the strength of the fabric make it perfect for your next adventure. Finally an eco friendly tote bag that is bright and fun!

Contemporary design, eco-friendly craftsmanship, and utilitarian function, the Eco Tote Bag packs it all, and on top of it reflects your creativity and strength. Does this sound like you? Great!

Then check this out: the foam pad of the life vests were used to incorporate volume and geometry to the design, because of all that the eco tote bag is versatile, sturdy, and perfect for everyday use (plus it’s a badass gift to that badass friend 😉)

 Sun kissed, and with a personal touch

Remember: our collection is made of life vests that were left on the shores of Greece when newcomers arrived in Europe. That means the sun and seawater  had time to act on the material and create distinct hues and variations. Beyond nature’s action, our tailors make sure that each piece has different features from the original life vest. Black straps, reflectors, and safety instruction tags are used together with the multiple hues of fabric to create unique pieces that you can enjoy and be proud of.

The Eco Tote Bag comes in mixed colors, usually ranging from orange to red, but you can also choose to add blue, green or black. Just let us know in your order!

Makers Unite developed these products with esteemed fashion designers Dora Bami and Jolanda Luymes,  to reflect the powerful message and the unique stories behind each item.