Refugee Nation Mini-Flag


Makers Unite and The Refugee Nation have teamed up to create new job opportunities
 for refugees and unite people around the world with a powerful symbol of support.
 Makers Unite is hiring refugees to create flags out of life vests worn by refugees 
themselves who have traveled to Greece.

This initiative generates jobs for those who 
have arrived in Europe and provides them with the necessary means to start a new life. 
Through this process, all of the hardships experienced while wearing the life vests are
 stripped away and what remains is a symbol of hope and solidarity with refugees around
 the world.

With the Refugee Nation Flag, we honor the thousands of displaced people
 around the world who have bravely escaped war, persecution or natural disasters, by 
continuing our work to help them attain the rights they deserve.


‘The Refugee Flag is inspired by the colors of the life vests. Orange and black, in 
solidarity with all the brave souls who crossed the sea, lands, and borders in search of 
peace and security in a new country. For people who hope to find a better future, to find 
home again.’—Yara Said, Syrian refugee artist who designed the Refugee Flag.

Makers Unite is gathering thousands of life vests used by migrants who traveled to
 Greece through the Aegean Sea. We are hiring newcomers themselves to create the
 refugee support flags.

Each flag serves as a powerful symbol of hope and solidarity with
 refugees around the world. Proceeds go directly to the employment of refugees.