Ghar Soap and R-Glaze Ceramic Set

22.00 (incl. 21% VAT)

Exclusively handcrafted and designed for Dutch Design Week 2017, this limited edition
(only 100 units available) Ghar Soap and Reglaze Ceramic set is the product of
innovative collaboration between ancient crafts and contemporary techniques. A team of
creative newcomers from Makers Unite partnered with the renowned Dutch ceramic
company Cor Unum for the “Crafting: the New and the Local” exhibition, a presentation
that merges the ancient Syrian craft of laurel Ghar soap making with the contemporary
Dutch ceramic techniques of glaze re-use (Reglaze).

The Makers Unite Design and Production Team is composed of Nasam Abboud, Yazan
Maksoud, Mazen Al Ashkar, Noor Yousfi, and Paul Roberts.