Laptop Sleeve 13″ – Black


  • Made by newcomers in Amsterdam
  • Carries your laptop and a positive story
  • Dimensions: 33 x 23 x 2 / 12.99 x 9.05 x 0.78 inches.
  • If your laptop doesn’t fit these dimensions, we can customise the laptop sleeve for it. Simply leave your actual dimensions on your order comment, and we will make sure it fits!

This unique laptop sleeve from the MU Collection made a long journey to you. It once was a life vest, helping people reach safety. Now, upcycled into a unique laptop sleeve, it’s helping connect creative newcomers (often with a refugee background) to the job market, leveraging their talents to build a new life in the Netherlands.

Connections between newcomers and locals are at the core of a feeling of belonging, safety,
resilience, and building a successful and flourishing society. This is the impact that you can be part of!

This unique laptop sleeve features handcrafted design and an elegant look. It is interesting enough to be carried on its own, and versatile enough to be easily packed into other bags.

Each sleeve is one-of-a-kind, since they are made of life vests that were left on the beaches, the sun and sea water acted on the material and made distinct hues and variations. Beyond nature’s action, our tailor team makes sure each laptop sleeve has different features from the original life vests, such as the safety instructions you can see here.

The laptop sleeve’s cushion and padding are also made of the original cushions and padding from the life vests, that, and its secured edges and corners, provide impressive protection for your laptop. Fair warning, we are not sure if it floats!

Makers Unite developed this unique laptop sleeve 13″ black with esteemed fashion designers Dora Bami and Jolanda Luymes,  to reflect the powerful message and the unique stories behind each item.