RAMZI – Coral

69.00 59.00

RAMZI is the first organic design bag that connects newcomers to local societies.

100% socially & environmentally sustainable – even making use of our scrap life-vest material. Made with 100% Oeko-tex certified organic cotton, the reversible interior reveals the story of Ramzi, our tailor who Makers Unite connected to full-time employment. Each RAMZI also includes a detachable fluorescent tag, up-cycled from the same life-vests that once littered the beaches of Greece.

Proceeds go directly back into our social inclusion programmes that connect newcomers to professional opportunities in Holland's diverse creative industries. Over the last 9 programmes, we've connected 80% of over 100 participants to their next step.

Carry RAMZI and support the story our community of the creative newcomers of Makers Unite.

33 x 32cm (Expanded: 33 x 45cm)