Meet RAMZI – Sustainability with a Story

The first fully circular design bag that connects refugees with local societies.

MEET ​RAMZI. Designed with versatility and minimalism in mind, RAMZI can be expanded, flipped inside out, or used as is. Reversing the bag reveals the story of one of our makers, Ramzi. When you carry Ramzi’s story, you carry our mission to connect newcomers to local societies and rebuild confidence through creativity.

RAMZI is made from recycled clothes waste yarn woven by Enschede Textielstad, here in The Netherlands. The straps, buckle, and tag are made from the lifejackets worn by refugees on their way to Europe – the same as in our flagship collectionRAMZI comes with a unique Makers Unite lifejacket tag. The iconic tag can be clipped onto the interior and exterior of the bag.

WHO IS RAMZI? Ramzi was born in Palestine in 1971. After realising a passion for craftmanship & tailoring, he moved to Syria to pursue his aspirations. For over 20 years he worked in a clothing factory there, specializing in clothing construction & patterning. After migrating to the Netherlands, Ramzi was seeking a job when he found Makers UniteRamzi quickly showed himself to not only be filled to the brim with industry expertise, but also our fastest tailor to date. After a year working with us, we connected him with a position at SuitSupply, an international fashion brand based here in Amsterdam. He now works at one of their stores, adjusting suits for their wealth of clients.

To bring the RAMZI bag to life, we have created a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. This is a platform to fund ingenious, work-in-progress products and ideas. Click the link below and learn more about this campaign. And most importantly, be one of the first few people who can own RAMZI–a bag that represents sustainability with a story.

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