Santa: “Makers Unite is a place where you feel home”

To give all of our makers and creatives a platform, we are asking every week of the program another participant to do a creative assignment. This can be a short text, a creation of an illustration, photo or something else that they want to express about us, them, or somewhere in-between.

The first one to kick it off in the first week of program 4 is Santa. Santa is from Latvia, and she actually makes pretty awesome kid toys that aim to create awareness about our oceans, called Octop.

(And for those who are wondering; yes, it’s actually George Clinton holding one of them).

Santa’s experience:
Its a place where you feel home.

The makers unite really unite people in a nice, sweet way by letting us dive deeper in ourselves and find a way to express to others what we found in there. They use creative ways like drawing how we feel today and explaining that to others, sharing our childhood’s dreams and visions of our future, learning how to make perfect CV, taking „profile” photos of each other by finding the best environment they fit in.

Dana and Santa, duo for the creative photo exercise where we ask our participants to photograph each other in an environment that shows the group something about themselves.

We are part of life vest recycle team as well, which is great opportunity to learn new things and chat with the group, to get to know each other better.

Every day I spend in the makers unite I feel more connected to our group, I get to know myself better and I love to meet people with different life path, love to hear their stories and to understand the way they see this beautiful world. Together we can work towards a better future!

Thanks Santa, for sharing your experience! We will be featuring different makers over the course of the program. Stay tuned for more!