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How it Works

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MU Collection is made of the lifejackets worn by refugees on their way to Europe, symbol for their journey to a new life.

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The Power of Making

At MU everything is co-created. The decision of working with lifejackets is fruit of co-design sessions with refugees, newcomers, and locals.

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Social Inclusion Program

The revenue of our products is 100% invested in our social inclusion program supporting refugees in their access to the labor market.

Carry a Unique Story

Our collection carries the stories of the people who made them. We learned that lifejackets are symbol for hope, that they represent the crossing newcomers make towards a new life.

We believe that newcomers are the chiefs of their future and they know what’s best for their lives ahead. Our role, and yours too, is simply giving them the opportunity to use and share their talents.

Ready to help?

  • Travel Pouch – Mixed Colours

  • Tote Bag – Mixed Colors

  • Refugee Nation Mini-Flag

  • Laptop Sleeve 15″ – Black

  • Laptop Sleeve 13″ – Orange