The Refugee Nation Flag

Makers Unite and The Refugee Nation announce a partnership to generate employment opportunities for refugees in honour to the Syrian Journey.

Makers Unite is gathering thousands of life-vests used by migrants crossing into Greece and hiring refugees themselves to create refugee support flags. Each flag serve as a powerful symbol of hope and solidarity with refugees around the world, and proceeds go directly to further refugee employment.

“It is our hope that by hiring refugees to create the refugee flag, we will help both to provide people in need with the necessary means to start a new life, and increase global awareness for this important cause” said Thami Schweichler, Director and Co-Founder of Makers Unite. “We are honored to work with The Refugee Nation on this initiative to stand with the thousands of displaced people around the world who have bravely escaped war, persecution or natural disasters.”

The Refugee Flag made by refugees can be purchased here

About Makers Unite

Makers Unite, is an Amsterdam based social initiative, that connect newcomers and local makers to create job opportunities for the displaced. Together, they recycle life vests turning them into new objects, and most importantly, facilitating refugee integration with their host society. Makers Unite recently won the #RefugeeChallenge, organized by What Design Can Do, UNHCR and Ikea Foundation.

About The Refugee Nation

The Refugee Nation is the creator of the refugee flag. The life vest-inspired flag was designed by the refugee artist Yara Said during the Rio 2016 Olympics to represent the refugee athletes competing in the games and engage the world to support them. The refugee flag ended up transcending the Olympics and became a symbol of hope for 65 million displaced people worldwide. According to Yara, “orange and black is a symbol of solidarity with all these brave souls that had to wear life vests to cross the sea looking for safety in a new country.” The flag, which was considered to be one of the most headline-making designs of 2016 (Dezeen) was acquired a few months back by the Victoria & Albert museum in London.